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These people ripped me off too. They charged 3 different charges.

One was 39.95, 7.95, and 9.95. I called to cancel and see about a refund and they told me that this was all listed in the terms and conditions. So I figured this was something I missed and just had the guy cancel my membership. Then I went to the site and read the terms and conditions and there was nothing that stated any charges!

So I called back and got real mean!!! I got everything refunded with confirmation numbers. I mentioned this website to them and threatened to report them to the BBB. This is how to get your money back everyone!!!

Just get mean and rude with them and they'll refund!

Also mention to them that their terms and conditions stinks and doesn't say anything about these exact charges!

Michelle in Washington

Monetary Loss: $60.

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yes I refused to pay the $20.00 unprocessed paymement fee.I made payment 2 days before due date on line wiht pleanty of cash i n my credit ubion acct. Theyt sent me cofirmation# and never processed payment or deducted it for mmy account.

So I called local branch and was told "they denied payment" I stated they mnever tried to process the payment. Staff asks did you put the wrong acct number in? or was it insufficient funds Informed her this was not the case. I said I woul dnot have knowlingly put in the wrong bank acct number and if I did ,I would not know that,"they" would!I ask, what do "they" say the reason was?

She said I don't know, "they" don't say.

I said well who are "they"?Are they you?, and if "they" or you cannot tell my why you or "they" did not process my payment, I will not pay this fee. She told to make sure "they" did not take the money from my account, come in in person and just make the regular amount payment .UNBELIEVABLE

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