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bsm/grant search took money from my checking account and have no idea why.want to get my money back .

any ideas what the *** cant trust anyone even government going to try and call someone mabe the bbb cxan help im so mad how do they get away with this i dont answer my phone if i dont no the number thats whyn i have voice mail. how many people are the going to do this to befor the are stopped .

this sucks has anyone got ahold of these people any number to call any ideas what do we do?

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Sundance, Wyoming, United States #11935

I would like to have the fee for 39.95 taken off of my charge it was not authorized.The 1.99 for s/h was if it is not taken off ASAP I will contact my Attorney

Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States #7763

the parent company behind this offer is called raven media their customer service number is 866-370-7270 tell the agent that you did not authorize the services they offered, it also helps to say if you don't have the cd because that way you never had an opportunity to take advantage of their "free trial" demand a refund, they have the ability to process refunds for all 3 charges 39.95, 9.95, 7.95...make sure you get a confirmation code for each "courtesy refund" sometimes you'll get an agent who is unwilling to help you if that be the case, call back and speak to another agent.

the first time i called the agent actually hung up on me, i called back immediately got another agent, i made sure to let her know that the first agent had rudely hung up on me.. i was firm that i hadn't rcvd their product and was thereby entitled to my refund even though their "trial period" is 7 days, how can you try out what you didn't have. hope this helps. if you can't ge t results with the regular agent their is a number for a higher up employee in the company named "ryan" his number is 435 773 1795.

if worse comes to worse you always have the option of going to your bank or credit card company and disputing the charges letting them know you already tried to get satisfaction with the company, in which case they will give you a provisional credit back to your account while they investigate, and since it's your word againdt the company who defrauded you in 99.9% of the cases the...

hope this info helps wishes

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Locust Grove, Oklahoma, United States #7612

They did the same thing to me. I am in the process of disputing the charge with the help of my bank.

Jefferson, Ohio, United States #7062

I had the same thing happen with the $39.95. anyone have a means of getting in touch with them other than the number ?

Hiram, Ohio, United States #7044

As with the other complaints I too only agreed to the $1.99 charge but then came the $39.95 on the 3rd of the month followed by another $39.95 on the 31st. What's an honest consumer supposed to do to cancel a program that I did not want?

Bridgeport, Ohio, United States #6858

It took 39.95 out of my account too, and I DID NOT authorize it either! Royally pissed of in Seattle, WA!!

Hastings, Michigan, United States #6303

I also had 39.95 taken from my account.I tried the number but was on hold for over an hour.

I then went to my bank and had my debit card cancelled. They are also having me write a letter of dispute. If I do this I will have the 39.95 refunded and my claim will be investigated. If they find that I agreed to the charge though, which I did NOT, I will have the money taken back again.

I guess at this point I can only hope for the best.Good luck trying to get your money back.

Hillsdale, Michigan, United States #6292

took out 39.95 out of acct when only 1.99 was authorized. I want my freakin money back or someone is getting there crack sued! pissed off in orosi ca jk.

Hertford, North Carolina, United States #6051

Took 39.95 out of my account without my authority. how do I stop this.

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